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Hey everyone! 

Hope you're all coping well in these crazy times.

This week, I decided I would write about my new sloth Desk Planner range, and how I use each planner on a day to day basis.


Weekly Planner:

A4 Weekly Desk Planner


At the start of the week I fill out the A4 Weekly Planner first.

I use it to plan out the things that need to be done and try spread them out so I have enough time to do each task every day. It's also helpful for writing down things that have a specific time or date to be completed, such as product launches and Zoom meetings.

If there's anything that I need to do but don't know which day would be best to do it, then I write those in the "General To-Do List" at the bottom, and bare those in mind when it comes to filling out the Daily Planner, which I do next.

A5 Daily Planner

The first thing I'll do on a morning is sit down and fill out my Daily Planner. I look at what was left over from yesterday's daily planner (I always add WAY too many things to do), and what it says to do on the Weekly Planner. I then prioritise what needs doing first and put them in the first column. This normally includes things like processing orders and any time sensitive things like writing blog posts, newsletters, sharing stuff to Instagram etc. In the next column I have tings that are slightly less time sensitive, like plans for new products. In the final column, I put things that I would love to do but they don't have to be done today, like sketching ideas for new products and learning how to make GIFS for Insta Stories (still haven't started that one yet...)

Sloth Note Pad

A5 Note Pad

Out of all my notepads, this one is the one that I've used the most. I'm quite surprised by this, as I use the daily planner pretty much every day, so I thought I would use that one the most. But I've been using the notepad for quite a lot of different activities including to write down answers during Zoom quizzes with friends, or to bullet point info whilst watching SkillShare lessons. A lot of these require more than one sheet, so I suppose that's why it's been used most! 

The notepad pages come with space for a date and title at the top, so I refer back to these when I'm trying to find the right notes again. As most of my sheets have important info on them, I'll file them away for safe keeping.

Sloth To-Do List

To-Do List

The to-do lists are helpful for when I have ideas bursting out of my head and I'm not quite sure what to do with them. 

I write them all down on this list, which is thankfully rather long, and then from there I can decide what is important and what is not. I'll stick this list on the wall next to my Mac, so they're there to see when I need them. This process is really helpful before I start the weekly planner, as I tend to forget a lot, and when faced with a brand new week it can feel quite daunting to plan each day out sometimes, so I just refer back to the to-do list. 

So this is how I use my stationery set every week! I feel so much more organised now that I have this set as I can plan everything out in tiny details, and there's a space somewhere for all the random things that appear in my brain.

If you're interested in anything in this range, you can check everything out here:

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