Just a Card Day 2019

Behind The Scenes

It's Just a Card day!

Just a Card is a campaign to encourage people to buy from independent sellers, artists, designers and makers. It was born out of the realisation that if everyone who complimented an artist's work bought even a small item from them - "just a card", independent shops would succeed far more often. 

Every purchase to a small business is invaluable - no matter how small. It helps support someone's passion, reassure the self-employed way of life and helps feed families. Every single kerching makes a small business dance!

Just a Card Campaign

As a maker who predominantly sells cards, this campaign really resonates with me. In the age of social media, it's all too easy to forget that kind words aren't enough to help a small business succeed. Likes and shares may feel as though you're supporting a business, but ultimately if every person who liked bought just one card, businesses would be more likely to thrive and succeed.

Behind The Art Cave Creations:

Small Business Owner

My name is Bronte and I'm a 22 year old illustrator from West Yorkshire. I started illustrating greetings cards when I was in my first year of uni in Leeds, and finished the year by illustrating my first comic book Grape's Misfortunes, which earned me my 1st First! The rush I got from seeing the finished comic in the flesh and hearing positive reviews from my peers unleashed a drive to push my passion for illustration further - so I opened The Art Cave Creations. Originally, I sold a hand full of card designs and my comic book on Etsy, and have since expanded my card range to include over 30 designs, created stickers, prints, badges, mugs, phone cases and created 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns for my enamel sloth and dinosaur pins!

Unique Hard Enamel Pin Badges

It's an incredible feeling each time I get an order, knowing that people from far across the globe have stumbled across my products and have taken a chance on me, investing their hard earned money into my business. Each and every order from both my Etsy and website help fuel my passion for illustration and take me one step closer to my goal of working for myself full-time 🥰 I wouldn't be able to chase my dream if it wasn't for every single person who has purchased something from me!

Online orders from The Art Cave Creations

So next time you feel like popping down to your local mass-production card retailer or are looking for an extra unique gift, make sure you give back to the community by supporting small businesses - it'll make someone just like you dance with joy!

The Art Cave Creations

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