Leeds Young Makers Market - June 2021

Behind The Scenes

On the 25th & 26th June 2021, I took part in the Leeds Young Makers Market for the first time, and I'm here to tell you all about my experience!

I had no idea what to expect for a number of reasons, such as the fact that I hadn't heard of the Young Traders markets before, I had no idea if my target audience would shop in Leeds Market, and it was my first market in the Covid-era world, so I was definitely nervous when setting off first thing Friday morning.

However, like most things in life, there was absolutely no need for me to worry, as the weekend turned out to be a big success for my biz! 

Leeds Young Traders Market June 2021 - Bronte Laura Illustration

As my product range has grown a lot since my last stalls, I wanted to try a new way of displaying my stock. I wanted to play around with height on the stall, as this is what brings people in from afar as it's at their eye level, and lets people know what you offer at a quick glance.

I used the old metal storage rack from my studio as the walls for the stall, as you can stack and build them however you want, and the wire mesh meant that I could clip things to them.

I took a very limited range of cards to free up space for other flat items in the card racks.

To hone in on my branding and add a touch of personality to the stall, I created some buntin using my Cricut and some ribbon, and tied it between the two walls. In future, I'll need to find a way to bump the height up a few inches, as the buntin fell in front of my face when I was stood up (I'm crouching in all the pictures)


It turned out that the stalls were all being judged, and that some stall holders won a trophy each day.

On the first day my stall was a runner up, which was exciting! The criteria for the stalls included display, price point and customer focus, quality of items etc.

On the second day there were a lot more stall holders there, and a different judge awarded the trophies. When they came over they were giving me lots of constructive criticism, which was really helpful but I said to Ben "there's no way I'm going to win today". I was halfway through eating my dinner from Fat Annie's when the judge and event organiser came over to tell me that I was a winner and I was in disbelief! Furthermore, it turns out the winners go on to the Finals in Doncaster at the end of July, which is even more exciting! 

Even though I was sure I wasn't going to win, I put a lot of effort into my stall and was definitely proud of it, so it's nice to see that my effort is appreciated.



There was also some people from a local radio station doing interviews with stall holders throughout the day, which got my anxiety racing a little, but I finally hyped myself up and was really happy with my interview towards the end of the day.

I listened to the show online a few days later and it was really interesting to hear the interviews with other stall holders, but unfortunately mine didn't make the cut. I'm thinking either the show didn't have time for another interview, or maybe I just talked a bit too much, because my answers were definitely a lot longer than everyone else's! Whoops

Leeds Young Traders Stall, June 2021, Bronte Laura Illustration

I had a really fun, successful weekend. I made a fair bit of revenue and got to see my customers in person for the first time in over a year. I wasn't sure what kind of demographic would shop in the market, but my target audience were definitely there and I'd love to go back again in the future!

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