My new product samples arrived!


Since I added Print On Demand services to my shop, I've had a whole new playground of products to experiment with. I've found some new favourites for my brand, created designs that I LOVE and my business is growing.

The only issue is that I can't see the products in person, as I'm not involved in the manufacturing process.

Luckily, my supplier offers samples of products, so I've been steadily placing orders to what all my new designs look like in person.


Navy Frog Unisex Adult Sweater


One of the first samples I ordered was the Autumn Frog Sweater. I'd designed a frog Christmas jumper for 2020 and loved the quality of the print and material, so decided to test a new design and colour. 

I ordered the navy sweater in medium. It's a thick sweater with a super soft inside, with long sleeves which are perfect for keeping hands warm 💛

Paired with a soft, collared shirt underneath, this is my new favourite top to slide into on chilly mornings (it's just as comfy as the pyjamas I changed out of, which is a win!)


White Frog Unisex Adult Pullover Hoodie


One of the more recent samples I ordered was a hoodie. I'd sold a fair few frog hoodies over Christmas, but no one had uploaded any pictures of their orders so I still didn't know what they looked like in person. 

When I saw the mockup for the Frog Tattoo hoodie I knew this was the one that I wanted a sample of, as it was something I could imagine Ben (my boyfriend & marketing helper) wearing on a daily basis.

The hoodie arrived super fast considering it was printed to order in Spain (1 week from ordering to delivery).

When it arrived I was instantly smitten! I honestly don't think the print quality could have come out better - they look just like the original illustrations on my iPad.

Coincidentally, that day we were going for a walk in the dales, so I took advantage and did a mini-photoshoot with Ben (reluctantly) modelling his new hoodie. I think the pictures look pretty good! They have a lot more character than the generic supplier-generated mockups, so I'm adding sample photoshoots as a regular part of my marketing strategy from now on.


Navy Rainbow Frog Adult Unisex Long-Sleeved t-Shirt


My most recent sample delivery was the Honest Frogs Long-Sleeved T-Shirt. This is probably now my favourite thing in my wardrobe.

I apologise for saying that everything is my new favourite, but I really do love these new products I've been putting out lately. My brand is for people who have similar taste to me, so it makes sense that I want to get everything in the shop too?

The navy looks a but more vibrant blue in person than the mockups would suggest, but I like this even more! The prints have come out super vibrant and none of the little details were lost in the printing process. The t-shirt itself is a lovely breathable fabric which has lots of stretch, and the cuffs on the sleeves give the shirt a comfy fitted feel.

I went for another walk and decided to model this t-shirt myself. I'm a lot more awkward in front of the camera these days so I never quite knew what to do with my arms or my face, and my mum was taking the pictures with her limited camera knowledge. Nethertheless, we managed to get a couple of cute pics.


Navy Rainbow Frog Adult Unisex Long-Sleeved t-Shirt


My next sample to arrive will be the Honest Frogs Duffle Bag, which hopefully should be here very soon! I'm really excited to see what it's like in person, as the mockups look so vibrant and full of personality 💛 I'm going on my first camping trip of the year at the end of the month, so the plan is to pack my stuff in it and get some really cool lifestyle shots.

I can't wait to order more samples and grow my very own frog collection 🐸

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