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Bronte has a thoughtful expression with the word "Why?" Illustrated above her head

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the reasons why I’m adamant on making this business a success - why I even set it up in the first place. It’s not until this week that I’ve fully realised why.

My business started simply as a creative outlet for me to give my illustrations meaning. When I printed my designs onto cards, they were transformed from illustrations of random objects and animals, to inside jokes and sentimental references between friends.

My business has since evolved to allow people to express themselves through illustration and celebrate who they are. I’ve created a full range of fun and bold products to encourage people to live a life full of colour and excitement.

This year I branched out into stationery because I love collecting it myself, and want to contribute to the collections of other people. It’s the little things in life that we choose to decorate ourselves and our surroundings with that create a sense of authenticity and uniqueness.

When people support a small business they’re supporting the notion that we can all choose our own paths in life. That we don’t have to work at jobs we hate because “that’s life”. If we’re not happy with our surroundings, we have the power to take control and change them, and if we can’t find any we like, we can build our own. This is the main reason WHY I work so hard on building this business.

Being self-employed and trying to run a profitable business is hard. It’s been 4 years since I first opened my Etsy shop and I’m still not there yet. I’ve put more time and effort into this business than I have anything else in my life, and sometimes it feels like I’m running in circles - like I should have ‘made it’ by now and I’m failing. Some days I think “You’d make life so much easier for yourself if you just did the 9 to 5 like everyone else”.

But I don’t want to live life counting down the days to the weekend. I don’t want someone else dictating whether what I do is ‘enough’. I’ve spent my entire working life being told that I don’t work fast enough, or that my work needs improvement.

I want to be the one that decides that.

My “why” is FREEDOM to live each day the way I want to and figuring that out is freedom in itself.

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