I've moved studios!

Behind The Scenes

I can't believe it's November already! This year has gone by so fast and so much has happened, that latest of which being I moved house. I now have a WHOLE ROOM dedicated to my business and I am so pleased with it! 
Brand new illustration studio, behind the scenes
It's got a cute feature fireplace in the centre of the north wall. It doesn't work but it adds a rustic charm to the room.
There's also double shelving to either side of the chimney breast. I wasn't sure whether I would keep these up when I first moved in as they're really high up, but I started using them for storing my products and files on and I liked having everything on show but still out of the way. They're ideal, although when I get an order I do have to climb onto the desk to get everything back down again.
Behind the scenes studio tour
On the left side of the chimney is my packing station. All my greetings cards are made here, and all orders packed ready for shipping. I've decorated the wall in art that I've created and collected over the years to give me inspiration and motivation to keep creating. I'm not a big fan of empty walls, so I'm trying to fill in every last gap.
Behind the scenes studio tour
To the right is my mac, where I'm currently sat typing this blog post! The alcove is just the right size for my desk, and I've downgraded from my big fabric office chair to a cute wooden Ikea chair to make the room feel bigger and tidier.
The window to the right is huge and lets in lost of light, however I've not got a blind for it yet (I did order one but I got my inches and cm mixed up - whoops!) so even though it's not a busy street it feels lacking in privacy.
I've started a commissions wall above the mac to increase productivity and give me a sense of reassurance that I am actually progressing and getting somewhere with my business, as it can feel like a long and tedious road sometimes.
If you want to see the tour I gave on my Instagram Story you can check it out in my highlights @theartcavecreations or you can check out the Youtube video below! 

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