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Happy Monday!

The world is going through a challenging time recently, and one challenge in particular is the NHS Covid crisis.

The NHS is underfunded and overwhelmed. After years of government cuts, outside funding has unfortunately become crucial.

After seeing inspiring crowdfunding campaigns such as the likes of Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday NHS Walk, I decided to use my skills and platform as an illustrator and indie biz owner, and join the contributions to the NHS.

I designed this NHS Rainbow Pack so you can decorate your walls, windows and favourite t-shirt with cheerful and positive art whilst supporting the most important organisation in British history.

The NHS Rainbow Pack contains:

  • Large waterproof rainbow window decal. 25cm wide and sticks to the outside of your window.
  • Small vinyl rainbow sticker. 10cm wide and packed with colour.
  • A5 ‘Strong’ rainbow print. 400gsm with a silky shine.
  • 25mm ‘Strong’ button badge. Metal backing for a sturdy statement.
  • 1 "Stay Positive" colouring page. Perfect for colouring in the sun and sticking anywhere that needs an uplifting boost.

Each pack costs £10 with free shipping, with £3.50 from every sale going to NHS Charities Together.

According to Ellie Orton of NHS Charities Together, in an interview with the BBC, the funds donated to the charity will go towards:

- Supporting NHS staff, volunteers and patients affected by Covid-19

- Care partnerships which allow people to leave hospital sooner and safer

- Long term mental health recovery of NHS workers and their families in the aftermath of Covid 19.

If you would like to read more about the NHS' underfunding you can do so here: https://nhsfunding.info/nhs-crisis-making/

Or visit NHS Charities Together to find out more about their work: https://www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk/



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