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Hello everyone! 

Over the past couple of months here in the UK, people have been sticking rainbows and positive messages in their home windows for people to view on their daily walks, and there's been a real sense of community and togetherness. I've decided (albeit a bit late) that I want to contribute to the rainbows in the world!

Printable Rainbow Colouring in Sheets 

I decided to make some free, printable colouring in sheets for people who maybe aren't in a position to support independent businesses at the moment, or to keep occupied with indoor activities that don't include screens. Plus colouring is so therapeutic, and I feel as adults we don’t get the opportunity to do it very often, so it’s refreshing to see so many amazing designs online that available to print off instantly.

I made a few different versions for people to take their pick: "Positive Vibes", "We Love our NHS" and "Proud to Work for the NHS", so that hopefully there is something for everyone no matter where you're from. Support for the NHS has been a major community driving force these past 8 (or is it 9 now??) weeks. There has been a nation-wide clap for a minute at 8pm every Thursday night. The first week I heard about it, I didn’t expect to hear anything as I live in a fairly small town up north but I was surprised to hear that even on my street people were out in force, whistling and banging pans together.

I’ve chosen the phrase “We love our NHS” as it’s a positive, morale boosting message. However, if you’re like me and lay awake at night worrying you’re not contributing enough to society - don’t worry! I’ve come up with a solution, and will be setting up a Rainbow NHS Charity pack very soon.

To download your colouring sheets, click here and you can tap on each individual design to download them :)  Stick them in the window of your living room, in your car or post them to family and friends for a pick me up. Whatever you decide to do with your print outs, please tag me on Instagram @Brontelauraillustration as I'd love to see your works of art! 

Stay Positive rainbow colouring in sheet

The weather has been super sunny just lately, so I felt inspired to make some summer stickers (although as I write this it's very grey and windy outside 😅). My favourites are the sun and the rainbows, which feel very appropriate for the positive vibes people are spreading whilst we're in lockdown.

Bright and cheerful sunshine and rainbow stickers

I illustrated these designs as part of a commission for wall decals for a kid's bedroom, but loved the designs so decided to make them into a permanent design in the shop. I recently came across some A4 vinyl sticker paper that is really nice quality to print on, so I've been experimenting and playing around with lots of different designs. I've been printing stickers for the shop around 10cm wide to reflect the stickers I've had printed with Awesome Merch, but the wall decals were A4 size and I loved how they looked on a large scale. The vinyl is also waterproof which means you can stick the big rainbows in your window! (This has been proven by the heavy downpour we had the other night; I have a sunshine sticker on the kitchen window and he survived with literally no water damage - I’m impressed! I must say though that as I've only had stickers on the window for a few weeks, I can't guarantee how they will last in the long run)

Here’s a pic of mine:

Vinyl sunshine and rainbow stickers in the kitchen window

 If you wanna brighten up your windows too, you can head check out the stickers here. You can get the sun and the rainbow in both small (about 10cm) and large (around 22cm) sizes, and you can pick which one you like in the drop down menu.

 I'm planning on putting a lot more time and effort into this blog as a way of communicating and growing a little community. I'll be posting a new post every Monday at 5pm UK time (trying to post that time everywhere so that I can hold myself accountable 😅), so I'll see you next week for the next one!

Bronte x

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