#Slothvent 2019

Illustration Challenge

For Christmas 2019, I decided to set up my own Instagram advent calendar, inspired by The Happy Chappo's #chapvent calendar in 2018 which I took part in.

I found it so exciting to see what new collabs would pop in my feed every day, so for 2019 I decided to make my own collaborative advent calendar called #slothvent, featuring sloths of course!

Day 1: Me

Sloth Snowman


Day 2: Me

 Sloffee Time


Day 3: @_doodlelu

David Slothie


Day 4: Me

Rollerblading Sloth


Day 5: @thehappychappo

Sloth Cooking Christmas Dinner


Day 6: Me

Michael Sloth from The Office


Day 7: Me

Sassy Sloth


Day 8: @coolsourcecards

Goth Sloth


Day 9: @_bushelandapeckuk80's Sloth


Day 10: @brushandbobbins

Mary Slothins


Day 11: @jallen_create_

Sloth Singing Christmas Carols


Day 12: Me

Professor Slothton

Day 13: Me

Captain Raymond Sloth


Day 14: @illustrationsbyhaylee93

Astronaut Sloth


Day 15: @amybillustration

Pulp Fiction

*I missed out day 16 - whoops!*
Day 17: Me

Cowboy Sloth


Day 18: @c0llfacekilla

Hoff the Sloth


Day 19: Me

Hairspray Sloth


Day 20: @barbawk and me

The Black Parade


Day 21: @skyecantbake_


Day 22: @curiouslycolourful

Sloth riding reindeer


Day 23: @raggar_b

Sloth in a Sleigh


Day 24: @bumblebeedesigntreasures

Sloth Santa

Day 25: Everyone!

Merry Slothmas

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