Bright yellow sunshine illustration featuring the words "The Sunny"

Introducing: The Sunny!

What is The Sunny?
The Sunny is a brand new newsletter which brings colour and positivity to otherwise dull and cluttered inboxes every week.

Every Friday at 5pm BST, I'll send you the latest issue of The Sunny, featuring:

- What I've been up to for the last week in the studio that week

- Quick preview of my latest blog post

- The Sunny's Star of the Week

- Sunny Stories. I'll share one or two positive and motivational stories with you to brighten up your inbox and kick your week off to a sunny start.


How do I sign up?

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and type your email into the box! You'll then be sent a confirmation email.


Issue 1 will be sent out on Friday 5th June 2020 and then a new issue will be out every following Friday at 5pm!